Advanced Placement (AP)

All students at Olympian High School are encouraged to complete at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course or college level class during their four years of high school. AP courses are demanding and dynamic classes, with a rigorous curriculum designed by the College Board. Taking AP courses gives students a head start on college while still in the supportive environment of a high school classroom. Taking the end-of-course AP exam sends a powerful message to colleges that the student is ready for college level work, and can enable the student to gain admission, college credit, and placement into advanced courses. Olympian High School offers a variety of AP courses in many subject areas. Students should check with their college(s) of interest to understand the school’s policy on AP credits.


The College Board, creators of Advanced Placement, recently made significant changes to the AP exam ordering process, deadlines, late fees and cancellation fees that will be mandated for all schools and all students in the 2019-2020 school year.
It is important that all families are aware of these changes:

  • AP Exam payment for the May exams will be collected this Fall semester. The cost of each exam is $100.00 for the exam and for administration/proctoring costs. Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch will pay $40 per exam. Payment can be made in person at the ASB or online at the ASB Webstore starting in August.  There will be no sales the week of October 7th due to Homecoming activities. Please budget and plan accordingly to pay for the exams. The school deadline is October 25, 2019.
  • Any exams ordered after the initial school order submission to the College Board will be assessed an additional $40.00/exam late fee per exam.
  • An additional $40.00/exam cancellation fee will be assessed for any exam order cancelled after Nov 15, 2019.
  • Furthermore, there is a $40/exam no show fee for students who ordered a test but do not take it in May.

Please see this link for more information.


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