AP Exam Ordering and Payment

AP CollegeBoard

  • ATPS (Achieve Testing Point Service) will be the agency handling exam ordering and payment this year.
  • Students must be enrolled in the “My AP” course on the College Board site to have an exam ordered for that course. Please make sure your student is enrolled. The join code can be obtained from the teacher.
  • All students who are enrolled in the My AP course will have an exam automatically ordered. No further action is needed.  Any student who does NOT want to take the test should should inform both your teacher and Mrs. Bumatay, otherwise a test will be ordered.   ATPS will obtain this information from the College Board “My AP” site to submit an Exam Order for our school. Students should indicate if they do not want a test ordered by Friday, October 30, 2020.
  • After exam orders have been placed, ATPS will mail invoices to parents in November. No payment is due at this time.  Final payment to ATPS for exams will be accepted through early February.
  • Exam prices are:
    *$97.00 (includes processing fee) per exam
    *$10.00 per exam for Students qualified for Free & Reduced Lunch