AP Exams

AP Exams will take place starting next week:

May 11 – May 22

Please take some time this week to do the following:

  • Go to cb.org/ap2020 and complete a demo for the exam(s) you are registered for. This will help to give you a feel for the exam and make sure your tech works. It is recommended to use a laptop or desktop computer. We have been advised to turn off the Grammarly plug-in or access to exams may be problematic.


  • Check your My AP account to make sure you are registered for all the exams that you have purchased and that your email is accurate. (It is too late to sign up at this point.) Two days before each exam, you will receive an e-ticket via email. You may also access your e-tickets on your My AP account.


  • All College Board approved accommodations for an extended time have been built into the exam for identified students. If you have a temporary condition that may affect taking the exam, (i.e. broken arm, sprained wrist, etc.), and you do not already have College Board approved accommodations, please go to cb.org/ap2020accommodations and enter your information there.


  • If something happens on exam day, (i.e. battery dies, power outage, etc.) and you are unable to complete the exam, please have your original e-ticket information available and submit a form within 48 hours of the exam to cb.org/requestmakeup. Not submitting your exam on time is not grounds for requesting a makeup exam.


  • If you no longer wish to take the exam(s), the College Board is waiving the “no show” fee just for this year. On exam days, do not click on “Go to exam” as this counts as accessing the exam. You will receive another e-ticket to take the exam(s) on the designated makeup day in June as they will assume something prevented you from taking it in May. Again, do not click on “Go to exam”. Only if, in both instances, you do not use the e-tickets, will a refund be considered. A list will be issued to our school and our school will process refunds over the summer. Checks will be mailed to the address listed in Infinite Campus.


It is advisable to review the 2020 AP Testing Guide if you haven’t already. If you have a question about something and do not find a written policy prohibiting it in the 2020 AP Testing Guide, then in general, the answer to your question is “Yes, it is permissible.”


The 2020 AP Testing Guide, AP Exam schedule and FAQs can be found in the AP Student Resource Hyperdoc, docs.google.com/document/d/11rHCkfKqA8jjnf8_lBA-RhXY3PMP5rE0PXc9WZJ_PvI/edit?usp=sharing .


If you have any further questions, please reach out to Mrs. Bumatay at lora.bumatay@sweetwaterscshools.org.