Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

Understanding Different Types of Funding for College and University

  • Grants: This type of funding is considered to be free money.  Grant monies do NOT have to be repaid.  Grants can come from the federal government, state government, private sources, and college/universities.
  • Scholarships: Much like grants, scholarships are also considered free money and do NOT have to be paid back to the funding source. Scholarships typically require the student to follow an application process.  Eligibility for scholarships can be based on either merit, financial need, or both.
  • Loans:  Unlike grants and scholarships, loans will require the student to pay  back the monies borrowed to the lender.  The terms of the loan will depend on the lender.
  • Work-Study: Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.

Applying for Financial Aid

It is recommended that all students who plan on attending a college or university complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Parents & Students are encouraged to attend Cal-SOAP Financial Aid Workshops to get expert help to complete the FAFSA/CalGrant applications.

Applying for Scholarships

A Scholarship Bulletin with information on scholarship opportunities is located in the Counseling Center.  The Scholarship Bulletin is regularly updated and can be accessed anytime via our school website.

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