iPad procedure

Please note:

Once a parent completes the Parent Email Verification , if you do not receive an e-mail from school with the iPad AUP and User Guide (Contract), Spanishplease download it from this link. Parents are to complete, sign and print a copy for their student. Students must present the completed contract to the library during their time slot on Tuesday 22nd before they can receive an iPad. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours after you verify your e-mail, please call 619-656-2415. Thank you

Please follow the schedule below (based on last name):

8:00—8:30  A—Bittenbender
8:30—9:00  Blanco— Christian
9:00—9:30  Cisnero—Erodogmus
9:30—10:00 Escamilla— Gomes, L
10:30—11:00 Gomez—Hyasat
11:00– 11:30 Ibrahim—Lopez Moreno
11:30—12:00 Lord—Meeks
12:00—12:30 Mejia—Ong
12:30—1:00 Ordaz—Radoc
1:00—1:30  Ramirez—Rutland
1:30—2:00 Saldana –Swift
2:00—2:30 Taglinao—Volpe
2:30—3:00 Walker—Zoura