Registration and Attendance


Attendance Policy

Punctuality and regular attendance are important requirements for a successful high school experience. The following guidelines are required for all students/parents:

  1. Make every effort to attend everyday and to be on time to all classes.
  2. Make every effort to schedule your appointments after your school day. An absence is an absence regardless of the reason.
  3. If a student needs to be absent, plan to meet with each of your teachers to review the reason for the absence and to request make-up work. Remember, students are responsible for all work missed and must take responsibility to initiate the request for make-up work.
  4. Absences for an extended period of time (5 days or more), require a meeting with the assistant principal prior to the absences in order to make the necessary arrangements for short-term independent study. If the absence is unanticipated, parents need to contact the assistant principal as soon as possible.
  5. When out for an extended illness (not exceeding 4 days), a parent needs to call the counselors’ secretary at (619) 656-2420 to arrange for assigned work.   Contacting counseling secretary will NOT clear student absences (please contact attendance).
  6. Seniors must clear all tardies and absences in order to participate in senior activities at the end of the year.

After an Absence:

  1. Each student MUST bring a blue slip or note to the attendance clerk (within 10 days) upon their return from an absence.
  2. Truancies (V) and unresolved absences (A) or Tardies (T) may result in assignment to Saturday School.
  3. Failure to attend Saturday School may result in suspension (work is not an excuse for missing Saturday School).
  4. Students will attend Saturday School to clear unresolved absences or truancies.
  5. Absences need to be cleared within the grading period in which they occur.
  6. Consequences for excessive absences include:
    • Saturday School
    • Parent contact or conference
    • Referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)
    • Removal from class with a failing grade
    • Placement in an Alternative Education Program
    • Transfer to another school
  7. All students should check their attendance regularly with their teachers. Report any discrepancies to your teacher.
  8. Students may not leave campus at lunch without an authorized lunch pass. You must see the Assistant Principal’s secretary for an application.

Tardy Policy

Students are responsible for being on time to all classes. Tardies will have a negative effect on your citizenship grade. The policy below will be used by teachers school-wide. In each grading period tardies will have the following consequences:

  • 1st tardy – does not impact your citizenship grade
  • 2nd tardy – results in a “C” in citizenship
  • 3rd tardy – results in an “F’ in citizenship (referral to counselor)

In each subsequent grading period all students will be given a “fresh start” and an opportunity to improve his/her attendance and citizenship grade.