Senior Update – 5/23/20

Good afternoon Seniors and Parents/Guardians,

First, I want to thank you for your patience as we navigate through these uncharted waters. Information is constantly changing on a daily basis, so we often have to wait to relay information to you, but I understand how that could be frustrating. We ask for your continued grace and want you to know that we are doing the best we can under the restrictions given. Please be sure to thoroughly read the entire update below, as it contains 10 topics with important information.

1. Senior Celebration Parade – As the district just recently announced, there will be a district-wide Senior Celebration on Thursday, June 4th at Southwestern College. Each senior will receive a Celebration Parade Pass at Senior Item Pickup Up on June 2nd. You must have that pass in your windshield in order to enter the parade. Please review specific details at the link below:

I want to take a second to address some of the discontent that I have seen/heard about the district-wide parade. While I understand that many would rather an individual graduation, there are a few factors that came into play resulting in that not being an option for SUHSD schools. Please know that SUHSD’s goal is to provide an opportunity to celebrate the Class of 2020 in a manner that is equitable across all schools in our district. Paired with other logistical and fiscal complications, the solution resulted in the district-wide celebration parade. We acknowledge and understand that nothing, other than turning back time, will ever be able to replace what our seniors have lost this year, but we hope that you will join us for this opportunity for Olympian High staff members to wave/scream congratulations to our awesome seniors that day. 🙂

2. Yearbook Distribution and Textbook Collection – As mentioned in previous updates, the yearbooks are averaging a one week delay on delivery, due to COVID-19 shutdowns. Pre-COVID, the yearbooks were originally scheduled to arrive this week. So, adding the week delay and the holiday, we are estimating the arrival of yearbooks at the end of next week or maybe even June 1st. In order to limit campus visits/transmission of COVID-19, we have decided to pair the yearbook distribution with cap and gown pickup on Tuesday, June 2nd. At this event, seniors will also turn in any textbooks and library items, as well as pick up a Vehicle Pass for the Celebration Parade, CTE sashes and Compact for Success cords (if applicable). CSF sashes will be issued, if the shipment arrives in time. Contact the CSF Advisor, Mr. Collins, with any CSF questions. Please review specific details about Senior Item Pickup and Textbook Return at the link below: (Diplomas will be distributed mid to late June…more info to come)

Please note: We are completely sold out of yearbooks, so there will be no books for sale on June 2nd. I have created a waiting list, in the event that we end up with extra books. While there is no guarantee that there will be any available, if you are interested in putting your name on the waiting list, please fill out the form below:

3. Cap and Gowns – All cap and gowns ordered through SoCal Recognition are shipped to Olympian High School. We are currently waiting for the cap and gowns ordered between March 15-May 15. They should arrive next week.

There will be a limited amount of cap and gown units (includes tassel) available for sale ($32 exact cash only) on June 2nd. Sizes are first come, first served.

4. Laptop Return – 12th and 13th graders will return all district-issued laptops at the SUHSD Device Collection on Monday, June 1st at Otay Ranch High School between 8am-2pm. There is a specific collection breakdown by last names, so please read specific details at the link below:

Please note: We will not accept any laptops at Olympian High, they must be returned at the district scheduled return.

5. Star News Graduate Edition – The local newspaper, Star News, is doing a special Graduate Edition for the Class of 2020. If you would like to purchase an ad for your senior, please see the details below:

6. District Senior Survey – All Gov/Econ teachers should have notified seniors sometime in the last two weeks that you have to complete a District Senior Survey. As of the end of day on May 21st, less than half of you have completed the survey. The survey is a mandatory component of Senior Clearance, so you will not receive your diploma until you complete all parts. Instructions on how to access the survey are below. If you have any trouble accessing the survey, please let me know.

Not sure if you took the District Senior Survey yet? Check the list below of students who have NOT taken the survey as of May 21st: 🙂

7. Senior Clearance – All seniors must complete the following items in order to receive their actual diploma in mid-late June:

*Complete CA Grad Plan Requirements
*Return textbooks/library materials/laptop
*Clear all outstanding debts/fines
*Complete the District Senior Survey

8. Transcript Requests – We have been receiving many requests for transcripts to be sent to colleges/universities. Please note: Any students attending SDSU or UCSD will automatically have their transcripts sent directly to the school. All other students may submit a transcript request at the link below:

The deadline to submit a transcript request is June 10th.

9. Graduation Ceremony – As mentioned before, the Senior Celebration Parade is not in lieu of the delayed Graduation Ceremony. The district has not released any information about the details yet, so stay tuned for a district update.

10. The Final Countdown – Yikes, I know that was a lot of information to process…so, take a breath…you’re almost done! 🙂 The last four days of your high school career are just around the corner! I have condensed most of the information above into a timeline with important dates and direct links to the information. Please use this as your guide for the next two weeks:

The past 2.5 months have been nothing but unexpected changes, but the one thing that doesn’t waver is the love and support that Olympian administration and staff have for our students. Seniors, our hearts continue to break for how much of your senior year you have lost. Please know that we are so incredibly proud of the integrity, fortitude, and perseverance that you have displayed throughout this whole ordeal. We miss you dearly and look forward to seeing you soon…even if it is six feet away with masks on! 🙂


Take care,

Ms. Scott
Asst. Principal of Student Activities