ASB Gear Sales

Below are OHS items sold in the ASB all year round. You can purchase OHS gear throughout the year during ASB office hours, however we do offer discounted rates on Gear Days! Those dates are:

  • Monday, July 16th – 9th and 10th graders from 7:30am-3pm
  • Tuesday, July 17th – 11th and 12th graders from 7:30am-12pm

Please note the following:

  • We accept cash, credit card and debit card.
  • No checks please.
  • All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges.

Print out the order form here: ASB Gear Day Order Form 2018

Don’t want to wait in line to purchase items at Gear Day?!? Then preorder online at our school website: , then print your receipt and bring it to the ‘Express Lane for Online Purchases’ at Gear Day! We will already have it bagged up and ready to go!  Online preordering will be available starting July 6th!