Welcome Eagles!

Our school mission is that “Every graduate of Olympian High School will qualify and be academically ready for success in a four year college or university.”

The faculty and staff at Olympian High School are dedicated to your success and encourage you to excel.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions!  You have great support here at Olympian High, and we want you to practice good self advocacy skills to take with you as you journey into the world of post-high school graduation.

Internalize your HABITS OF MIND!

  • Build Intellectual Perseverance
  • Develop Metacognition
  • Create Intellectual Curiosity and Rigorous Engagement

Memorize your
“Olympian Alma Mater”:

We Eagles
Lyrics by Mr. Steve Rodriguez
Music by Mr. Eric Mabrey

Olympian, oh hail to thee.
Your noble heights we claim.

The excellence you do instill,
Will bring us growing fame.

Where mountain shadows drape the morn’,
We view Pacific shores.

In years to come, we’ll talk with pride,
Of how the Eagle soars.


*New* Suicide Prevention Resource Guide 2021