2018-19 Free/Reduced Lunch Applications

The Parent Portal for the online application is now available.

Please visit the parent portal, copy and paste the following link below,


to submit your online application if you haven’t done a paper application. Once your application is processed online you can log back on to the parent portal to view results, within 24hrs. 


If a paper application was submitted to the Nutrition Services you will be receiving a letter to you household within the second week of July since ALL paper application will start getting processed Monday July 2nd.


Thank you 


Opening Day Procedures Fall 2018


Dear Olympian Families,

We are excited to welcome you to the 2018-19 academic year! Our first day of school is Monday, July 23rd. Please note the following:

Student Drop Off:

Arrive early and plan ahead! With enrollment over 2,400 students, traffic will be heavy. We will close access to the main campus driveway at 7am.  After 7:00 a.m. students may be dropped off along Magdalena Ave., along Peabody Road and Rock Mountain Road. Please follow all traffic rules and be safe.

See the map attached.

School-wide Assembly

All students must report to the gym by 7:30 a.m. for the school-wide assembly.

1st Period

After students are released from the gym, they will report to their 1st period class. There will be signs posted around campus where students can locate their 1st period room number by alphabetical order. You can also link to the student list HERE.  Students must pick up their locator card/schedule during 1st period.

Bell Schedule

Assembly     7:30 – 8:05           35

P. 1         8:12 – 9:02          50

P. 2         9:09 -9:48           39

P. 3         9:55 -10:34         39

Nutrition  10:34 -10:44  10

P. 4         10:51 – 11:30      39

P. 5         11:37 – 12:16      39

P. 6         12:23 -1:02         39

Lunch    1:09 – 1:39           30

PLC         1:46 – 2:40         54

We look forward to another amazing year full of growth and academic success for each student.

Thank you for your support!


Counseling Center Reminders

Welcome back for the 2018-2019 school year. The first day of school for registered students is Monday, July 23rd.


*The last day to request course changes or electives was Friday, June 1st provided space availability and appropriate placement.


*Counselors will focus on resolving scheduling errors and balancing classes during the opening weeks. Students with mistakes or concerns in their schedules can see their counselors doing lunch. All students must address concerns in person during these times. Parents, please direct your students to follow the correct process and practice their self-advocacy skills.


*We are unable to honor requests for specific teachers, class periods, and other preferences. Counselors will work to balance class sizes to ensure productive learning environments and to meet teacher contractual limits. The addition or closure of classes may be necessary with changes in enrollment or staffing.


Please review the Eagle Eye Newsletter for other information regarding important events, SAT and ACT testing, and counseling services.


We look forward to another fantastic year at Olympian High School!


The OHS Counseling Team


Helping the Chula Vista Humane Society

Did you know that most kittens and puppies are born during the spring and summer months? Unfortunately, many are born in the shelters. The caring staff at the Chula Vista Humane Society wrap the newborns, their mothers, injured animals and post-surgery animals in blankets for warmth and comfort. After each use, towels and blankets must be sanitized and bleached and wear out quickly. If you have any unwanted towels or blankets, please consider donating them. There will be a donation box in the main office, room 608 and room 609. Donations will be accepted until May 25th.