Open House: Thursday, August 21, 2014

5:30PM to 8:25PM

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All parents will be invited to vote on one of the following parents during Open House to serve on our School Site Council (SSC). Please take some time to look over their information before then and look for the voting table on the 21st


Senior Events – Class of 2015

Save these Dates!

  • August 21 Open House (OHS)
  • August 22 Summer Nights (OHS)
  • October 10  Homecoming Assembly and Football Game (OHS)
  • October 11 Homecoming Dance (The Loews Hotel Coronado –7-11pm)

Athletic Clearance Dates for 2014 -2015

Athletic Clearance Process 2014 -2015

Are you interested in playing a sport this school year 2014-2015? Read below for details on the clearance process.

At the beginning of each school year every athlete must go through the athletic clearance process through the ASB. This process must be done at the beginning of every season (fall, winter and spring);

[ex: if you play 3 sports (in one year) you will need to clear 3 times; the first sport with Form: A and the (2nd) winter and (3rd) spring sport with Form: B]

  • FORM: A = First Sport
  • FORM: B “FAST PACK”= 2nd or 3rd sport

Athletic Clearance Process?

  1. Stop by the ASB office to pick up a clearance packet (Form: A or Form: B); your first clearance packet is free. If it is lost or misplaced the cost will be $2.00 for a replacement.
  2. Fill out the clearance packet completely; do not miss any signatures or insurance information. ASB will return any packet that is incomplete. School Insurance can be purchased in the ASB. Make payments in the ASB not via phone or online.
  3. See dates below to clear with the ASB. All clearance will be done at the ASB windows during the dates and times listed below.
  4. The ASB will return the emergency card and the “golden rod” form stamped. You must have this form before practice or tryouts.
  5. Turn in the “golden rod” form to your coach on the first day of tryouts/practice. Coaches will not accept this form if it is not stamped by the ASB. They will not allow you to tryout/practice without this “golden rod” form

Athletic Clearance Dates

Fall Clearance

  • Mon. July 28 – Fri.  Aug. 15
  • (Physical’s cannot expire before Nov. 30, 2014)

Winter Clearance

  • Mon. Oct. 27 – Fri. Nov. 21
  • (Physical’s cannot expire before March. 30, 2015)

Spring Clearance

  • Mon. Feb. 2, 2015 – Feb. 27, 2015
  • (Physical’s cannot expire before May. 30, 2015)