Common Senior Experience (CSE)

Advocates for Change

 “Every generation leaves a legacy.  The tools to create one are in your hands.  Think of this book as a map to help you find your way when you get lost.  The ending remains unwritten, because the actions we take will shape the world that the next generation inherits.”

Prologue, We Rise

 “There are more people who want a just transition than there are people who want to keep going with the same extractive economy that’s been killing our planet.  If we can use our differences to bring us together, rather than allowing them to divide us, we amplify our power.  It’s going to take hard work to get there, and it will take all of us.”

Chapter 12, We Rise


Common Senior Experience

All seniors will read and analyze themes from We Rise, by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Olympian High School pledges to engage students in  curriculum and activities designed to build life-long awareness to create a positive school culture that promotes compassion and empathy. Specifically, to rethink sustainability, new ideas, and tools for building resilient communities.


To raise funds and awareness for The Earth Guardiansa non-profit organization who inspires, galvanizes, and trains diverse youth to be effective leaders in the climate, environmental and social justice movement—through art, music, storytelling, civic engagement, legal and direct action to advance solutions to the critical issues we face as a global community.


Class of 2020 Common Senior Experience Video


CSE Important Documents: 

List of Approved Groups and their CSE Fundraising Activities