Requesting Materials, Supplies, & Training


Below are the links to request supplies, materials, and training.


If you need basic classroom supplies (eg: paper, pencils, pens) please request them from Ms. Jacqui Diaz in the main office or complete this document and deliver to Ms. Diaz.


At this time we will NOT be accepting requests for  special classroom supplies, materials, or NEW equipment beyond the items provided by Jacqui Diaz.


If you have existing equipment that needs to be fixed (eg: broken docu-camera, need a new projector bulb) please contact me via email and cc: James Pele.


At this time we will NOT be accepting requests for outside/off-site Professional Development.


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Questions? I’m here to help!

Email me or come visit me (my office is in the Counseling Center).


Alicia Pentz-Lopez, M.Ed.


Olympian High School