Senior Official Transcripts

Final Official Transcript Request Information:

Students accepted to SDSU or UCSD do NOT need to make a request for a transcript because transcripts will be delivered to those schools personally by the district curriculum office. If you will not be attending SDSU or UCSD in the Fall and need to request final transcripts for universities you have been accepted to or are pending admission, please complete this Olympian High Transcript Request Form 

The deadline to request transcripts is Wednesday, June 10th. Southwestern College Transcripts: Do you have community college credits to transfer to a four-year college or university? If you took a SWC course through the College Bound Program (Olympian High Campus) or High School Special Program (Southwestern College Campus) prior to the spring semester, you will need to order the official transcript directly from the SWC registrar and have it sent to your college. Here is the link: If you are currently enrolled in a Southwestern College Course, you will need to request your SWC official transcript after completion of your spring semester. Request your official transcript through the SWC Registrar’s office.