2021-2022 Orientation and Gear Day Information!!

Welcome Back, Students! | Bethel Grove Bible Church

Hey Eagles!

We are SO excited to be bringing you back to campus in July!! We have some important events lined up so be sure to click the links below for more information!!

Gear Day Flyer and Gear Day Order Form – July 14th and 15th (All grade levels)

9th Grade Orientation Flyer – July 14, 2021

Laptop Distribution – Freshmen will be issued laptops at the end of the day between 1-3pm. Each student must have a Signed Laptop Agreement Form by the parent/guardian, in order to be issued a laptop. We will have blank forms available for those parents/guardians who need a printer. Students without a signed form will not receive a laptop. You can return on Thursday, July 15th between 1-3pm with your signed form in order to get one.

  • Upon receiving your school-issued laptop, you will be asked to log into the school’s wireless internet BEFORE leaving campus or else it will not work at home.

Opt-Out of a School Laptop – Students who do not want to use a school laptop must have a Signed Laptop Opt-out Form submitted to the library. If you plan to use your own laptop device, you must complete a BYOD Form and turn it into the library.

10th Grade Orientation Flyer – July 15, 2021

Picture Day Flyer and Picture Day Order Form

You don’t to miss out on these Orientation (9th and 10th graders) and Gear Days (all students)!!! Get your ID pictures and pay discounted prices for OHS gear!! See you there!!

7/8/21 UPDATE: There will be no textbook distribution on Orientation Days. 

7/13/21 UPDATE: RETURN YOUR OVERDUE TEXTBOOKS or we will not have enough to distribute to students once school starts! Failure to return textbooks this week will result in a huge shortage and delay in checking out textbooks to students once school starts .

Please note :

  • These lists DO NOT include charges, fines, or past debt. The lists only reflect overdue books and calculators that need to be returned asap.
  • Some students partially returned textbooks in June, but were missing a few books, so you will see that on the list.
  • A Complete Textbook Return Form must be filled out for students to return books. Please place it in the top book cover of your stack. We will have extra forms printed at the MPR for those who need it.
  • When the student walks into the MPR for their ID picture, they will place their pile of books and their book return form on the designated tables in the MPR.

All Overdue Library Items Lists :

  1. Incoming 10th Graders – Overdue Books List
  2. Incoming 11th Graders – Overdue Books List
  3. Incoming 12th Graders – Overdue Books List

Opening of School Info/FAQs from Counseling Center