Supervision Request

Please access this link and follow the instructions below to sign up for supervision:

  1. Please make sure to log off any other google accounts that are not
  2. Sign-in to your drive account using (
  3. Put in your password (if you have forgotten you password please go to
  4. Go to the day view instead of the week view. Using the day view allows you to see supervision roles more clearly.
  5. Click on the supervision role you would like and click save.
  6. You will receive an automatic reminder a day before and an hour before the game.

A few friendly reminders:

  1. Please complete 4 supervisions for the year.
  2. Day supervision before 5pm = $28.73.
  3. Night supervision after 5pm = $57.43.
  4. All supervisors must pick up a walkie-talkie in the main office (use line 1 for administrative assistance and line 2 for custodians).
  5. Please show up 10 minutes before your supervision assignment so you can introduce yourself to the coaches and the refs. Please let them know where you are located in case they need your assistance.
  6. If you can’t make your supervision you are expected to find a replacement. Please notify me of the changes.
  7. Submit the “Request for Pay” form to Soo De Santiago in the ASB office within 10 days of your supervision. (You can leave it in her mailbox in the copy room, the mailbox by her office door or email it as well).
  8. Please refer to the specific assignment (on the link provided) for supervisor responsibilities.