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CSF stands for “California Scholarship Federation” and is our school’s Honor Society. Students must register each semester to qualify for Life Membership.  We are currently holding our first application drive. This registration period will run from September 5th through 15th at ATP and LUNCH only. Applications are accepted in front of Rm 708.  You will need a copy of your last semester’s grades on a printed transcript from Illuminate as well as your printed application (copies available in Rm 708) and $7. Remember, to earn recognition at graduation you must have a minimum of 4 qualifying semesters (one MUST use Senior Year grades–first or second semester). If you qualify for all six eligible semesters you can earn Distinguished Lifetime Membership. Information about the new requirement for volunteer hours will be posted on the CSF website after the application drive. 

  • NEW APPLICATION  now available 
  • Late applications or retroactive applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED 
  • **NEW** Required Volunteer Hours for CSF Lifetime Status (to be posted: 9/16/23)

 For more info about Olympian’s CSF, please visit CSF webpage