Community Service

Community Service

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Community Service Forms are available for download:

Community Service Verification Form

Community Service Additional Documentation Form

**All Community Service Forms are to be completed and turned in to your current History/Social Science Teacher.  Students are STRONGLY encouraged to keep a copy of all Community Service documentation for their own records. **

The minimum requirement as part of the high school graduation requirements is to complete 30 hours of community service.  However, we encourage you to do more!

PLEASE NOTE: The graduation requirement of 30 hours of community service has been waived for the Class of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access our Virtual Community Service Board here!

Research indicates that the effects of community service on college students include enhanced civic responsibility, academic development, better GPAs, and aspirations for advanced degrees. Volunteering also leads to increased time studying, greater contact with faculty members, increased social self-confidence, life skills development, and leadership ability. (Journal of College Student Development, May/June 1998)

Here are some helpful sites:
Assisted living facilities provide activities for their elderly residents. Kids can play a huge part in that. Many retirement homes have activities directors who organize activities for their residents. If they’re planning a big party, kids and teens might be able to set up tables, hang decorations and serve food. A group of kids might be able to perform for the residents. It can be as simple as singing Christmas carols or performing a dance routine.Contact the activities director at a local assisted living facility and ask what kind of help they might need. Some are not equipped to accept young volunteers, but others will jump at the opportunity. Ages: All ages if parents come along