Homeless and Foster Youth

Homeless and Foster Youth

Homeless students and foster youth have the right to immediate enrollment when changing schools, even if they are missing documents normally required for enrollment. The school will work with the parents to obtain the missing documents.  Enrollment means the ability to attend classes and participate in school activities.

The Sweetwater Union High School district and its’ schools provide a variety of services to homeless students and foster youth. These services may include school supplies, transportation or academic support, among other things. For information contact the site liaison or the district liaison for homeless and foster youth services. Another source for help and support is the local Family Resource Center.

Site Homeless and Foster Youth Liaison

Antonieta Salinas

Coordinator of Integrated Services


Phone (619) 656-2400

Fax (619) 216-0650

District Homeless and Foster Youth Liaison

Molly Ravenscroft

Family Community Services Program Coordinator


Phone (619) 407-4912

Fax (619) 600-4904